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The latest news & updates for REMNANTS can be found here. A new announcement or update will be posted on the second and fourth Friday of every month.
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Rules, lore, and more! Everything you need to know about REMNANTS to get started!
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Having trouble finding something, or maybe a question too long for the c-box? Have a suggestion or idea? The Support Center is the perfect place to reach out and ask whatever questions you might have, address concerns, or give us feedback on your REMNANTS experience.


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Here is where you'll create your REMNANTS persona!
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Here you can find the Who-Plays-Who, what Face Claims are currently taken, as well as links to different character's Want Ads if you're interested in filling in important plot roles.
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From time to time, missions will be posted for the world's Huntsman and Huntresses to compete in. You will learn about the nature of these missions and the rewards for their completion in their respective bulletins.
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The hub for in-character development, here you can plotters, want ads or join in on different role play discussions.


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Created out of cooperation of the Four Kingdoms and built on the island of the same name, Vytal Academy is a massive training facility for Hunters and replaces the eight once found throughout Remnant. Given its size, the Academy is run by its own governing council led by the faculty.
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Formerly known as Vale, the Kingdom of Rift is situated on the northeastern coast of Vytal. Of the Four Kingdoms, it is arguably the largest.
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Much like the kingdom that once called its territory home, the Kingdom of Legion is a militant territory situated in the northern regions of Remnant, on the continent of Mantle.
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The Kingdom of Pinnacle is located east of Vytal, and is a largely mountainous region. Its capital city, Pinnacle, is home to Remnant's largest entertainment district.
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What was once a mostly desert region is now a lavish oasis among the dreaded sands. Setek now stands as a testament to mankind's resolve and their ability to overcome the seemingly impossible.
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A twisted, beast-shaped continent to the southwest of Legion, "the Blacklands" are a name given to the uncharted territory that is believed to be the origin of the creatures of Grimm. It's seat of power is the monolithic structure known as the Black Cathedral.


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A great place to kick back and unwind after a long day of work and/or role play. Join various topics not specifically pertaining to the site here.
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Sometimes plain chit-chat isn't enough! In the Forum Games, you can participate in a variety of fun member-made games, or even start your own. This is an excellent place to break the ice after an introduction.
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This is a place for testing out different templates. Alternatively, you can try out other codes or whatever, anything you want to post really - so long as the posts follow the terms of service as well as REMNANTS's own rules.
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Want to advertise or affiliate? Drop by here. Just make sure your site allows guest-friendly link backs!

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